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  • This artistic work may be of interest to a broad (non-medical) audience; in its current form, however, it is curated for individuals at least somewhat familiar with the language and practice of medicine. 

  • While cast members wear masks for safety, this work is not a commentary on medicine in the time of COVID specifically.

  • This work is not meant to provide a comprehensive overview of all tensions and emotional struggles medical providers encounter, nor to elevate certain tensions over others in importance.

  • While this project focuses on the physician experience, its content is applicable to a wide range of healthcare workers, all of whom play indispensable roles in the team effort of healthcare delivery.

  • Given word and space limitations, narratives cannot address all facets of, and inputs into, each tension. We encourage critical consideration of any gaps in the work as part of the reflective practice and weighty conversation this project seeks to provoke.

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